Purchase Conditions

As a Kissing Bridge Season Passholder, I agree to abide by the following rules, regulation, conditions and policies:
1. The purchaser and user of this pass assumes and understands that snowsporting, like many other sports, contains inherent risks including, but not limited to the risk of personal injury, or death, or property damage, which may be caused by variations in terrain or weather conditions; or, surface or subsurface snow, ice, bare spots or areas of trees, roots, stumps; or other natural objects or man made objects that are incidental to the provision or maintenance of a ski facility in New York State. New York law imposes a duty on you to become apprised of and understand the risks inherent in snowsporting, which are set forth above, so that you make an informed decision of whether to participate in snowsporting notwithstanding the risks. New York also imposes additional duties upon you, to which you must adhere, for the purpose of avoiding injury caused by any of the risks inherent in snowsporting. If you are not willing to assume all of these risks and abide by these duties, you must not participate in snowsports at this area.
2. I hereby relinquish my right to a refund of the purchase price of the pass that is allowable under the safety code for those persons unwilling to participate because of the risks of the sport or the duties imposed upon skiers/snowboarders by law.
3. Season passes are not transferrable; they may not be loaned, traded, sold, given to or used by anyone for any reason. Refunds will not be made under any circumstances.
4. A Full Rate lift ticket must be purchased when a Pass is forgotten. This charge is not refundable.
5. Photo identification in required in all cases when a Pass is issued or reported lost/stolen. Identification may be required should there be a question regarding the identity of a passholder.
6. Season Passes must be displayed on the holder supplied by Kissing Bridge. Passes must be worn prominently above the waist for attendants to perform identification checks easily. If your Season Pass is not worn above the waist, the lift attendant may remove you from the lift line until properly affixed.
7. Should a Pass become lost or stolen Passholder must report the loss IN WRITING immediately. Failure to do so may result in Pass revocation. Passholders claiming a lost/stolen Pass must sign an affidavit agreeing to become financially responsible for participating in the fraudulent use of the missing Pass. Passholders under the age of 18 will require the signature of a parent or guardian on this document. A replacement fee of $50.00 (US Funds) will be charged.
8. Fraudulent use or misrepresentation will result in immediate and permanent revocation of all privileges and the passholder agrees to pay $500 to Kissing Bridge as liquidated damages.
9. If, in managements opinion, a skier/snowboarder appears likely to or does endanger or harms equipment, other skiers/snowboarders, or themselves, Kissing Bridge reserves the right to revoke the Pass for any period of time deemed appropriate. All skiers/snowboarders must familiarize themselves with all Kissing Bridge rules and policies prior to snowsporting at the area.
10. Defective Passes will be replaced free of charge upon surrender of the old Pass.
I agree and abide by all rules, regulations and policies of Kissing Bridge Corporation. I understand that Kissing Bridge or its agents may take still or moving photographs of me while I am using Kissing Bridge facilities. I grant Kissing Bridge the irrevocable right to use my likeness in any form of media, for any lawful purpose. I will instruct any minors listed on this agreement of these policies and agree to be held responsible for any damages, fines or penalties resulting from violations of these rules. I further agree to indemnify Kissing Bridge against all claims arising from such acts committed by me or those minors listed on this document. I understand that Kissing Bridge has the right to prosecute individuals guilty of fraudulent Pass use under the guidelines of the New York State Theft of Services Law.